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Tourism Education based on technology

Tourism is dynamic, information technology is being recognized in tourism industry for productivity improvement and business opportunity for enterprises this means that much commerce in the future will be carried out electronically therefore technology is a key factor for generating future employment.

Given that technologies rapidly evolve in tourism and hospitality industries, it was necessary to increase students’ ability to use ICT in order to enhance their ability and competitiveness.


Toursys application training and education


Be Commerce solution gives you everything you need in a single integrated business application so you can reach more potential customers, sell more products, efficiently and accurately fulfill orders, and drive customer satisfaction even across your own websites channels.

Key benefits:

Unlimited number of users

Clear picture of real work place for students

Connecting to university network and in the classroom

Providing step-by-step manual

Teacher Training & workshop onsite

Providing on-line training

Our clients in Education sector and business schools