Blue D Zine - Creative design & Digital marketing professionals, Phuket, Thailand


Keep your website updated in a timely fashion

Blue D Zine’s involvement doesn’t stop once your site has been designed and its brand developed. We offer an hourly package rate where we can provide minor alterations and tweaks to a client’s website on demand. This is perfect for clients who wish to implement small changes (change rates, email addresses, colour schemes) without having to completely redesign their site.

Why outsource website maintenance?


No in-house overheads

Successful websites are updated early and often

Fresh websites make more money

Most requests are completed within 48 hours

Blue D Zine saves you time, money & stress

Note: exclude from Redesigning home page and programming

Step 1

Simply provide us with the content for your pages and we will developed deliver it straight to your website.

Step 2

Updating your website is easy and we provide you with regular review opportunities every step of the way.

Step 3

Once you’re happy with every tweak, we launch your website and ensure it is seen…

Our process plans?

Why outsource website maintenance?

Website content update

Additional webpage development

Updating images / photos gallery section

Creating small icon / graphics or banner advertisement

Promotional Updates

Banner Design

Adding analytical codes (IE: Google analytics to track your website statistics)

Adding news, events and announcements (including social media updates)

Small Business

Professional Business

Established Business

5 hours

5,000 THB


Valid Period 30 days, Response Time: 2 business day


10 hours

9,500 THB


Valid Period 30 days, Response Time: 2 business day


20 hours

15,000 THB


Valid Period 30 days, Response Time: 2 business day