About Blue D Zine

Blue D Zine founded in 2004, based in the land of pleasant living – Phuket, Thailand.

We are a team of creatives designer, software developer, business thinker with experience in tailoring our services to best meet customer’s requirements. As a creative business, we believe in knowing our customers an understanding of what creates a genuine value for them. Our goal is focusing on customer experience and deliver services that fits your company’s unique needs.

We work with large companies, small companies, and start-ups within a variety of industries and international client base.

Our team of experts

It's really the people that make Blue D Zine the kind of company it is. Our team give Blue D Zine its energy, aspirations and ideas. We created a culture that encourage us to think independently, be innovative and the right people who are interested in the same things we are.

Our Partners / Innovative Organization

Blue D Zine has a network of dedicated partners, each bringing their special expertise and contribution. These associations, government agencies, and universities have been encouraging our team to improve innovation in design & software development.

The National Innovation Agency (NIA)

We appreciate the helps from Thailand National Innovation Agency (NIA) for financial supports on the research of software development for Tourism & Hospitality technology.

Software Park Thailand

is an organization under the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA). Software Park continues to support and straighten our software industry and have offered Blue D Zine team.

Department od intellectual property

Becoming a leading agency in enhancing the competency in intellectual property protection and service.


Since 2010, we've proudly partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This collaboration empowers us to offer our clients seamless access to vital technology services, including computing power, storage, and databases, as and when needed.


Business & Educational Partners