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About Blue D Zine


Blue D Zine founded in 2004, based in the land of pleasant living - Phuket, Thailand.


We are a team of creatives designer, software developer, business thinker with experience in tailoring our services to best meet customer’s requirements. As a creative business, we believe in knowing our customers an understanding of what creates a genuine value for them. Our goal is focusing on customer experience and deliver services that fits your company’s unique needs.


We work with large companies, small companies, and start-ups within a variety of industries and international client base.


Come learn about what we do and how we help our clients to succeed.

Name of the company

Blue D Zine Co., Ltd.



Business Contents

Blue D Zine focuses on a mission statement of purpose: to help make it easier for our customers to manage their business processes. With an emphasis on innovation, integrity and simplicity, these fundamentals keep us closely connected with our customers


Phuket, Thailand 83000
Tel: +66 76 680310 Fax: +66 76 680312


Our Team


It's really the people that make Blue D Zine the kind of company it is. Our team give Blue D Zine its energy, aspirations and ideas. We created a culture that encourage us to think independently, be innovative and the right people who are interested in the same things we are.


Our Partners


Blue D Zine has a network of dedicated partners, each bringing their special expertise and contribution. These associations, government agencies, and universities have been encouraging our team to improve innovation in design & software development.


Innovative Organization


The National Innovation Agency (NIA)


We appreciate the helps from Thailand National Innovation Agency (NIA) for financial supports on the research of software development for Tourism & Hospitality technology.

Software Park Thailand


is an organization under the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA). Software Park continues to support and straighten our software industry and have offered Blue D Zine team a special training course for entrepreneurs to promote quality standard improvement of local companies in Thailand to the international level.

Department od intellectual property


Becoming a leading agency in enhancing the competency in intellectual property protection and service.



Business Partners


Toursys Asia


Web-based tour management collaborative platform that automates bookings and helps organise tours easily with simplified reporting. The inspiration of development TourSys software comes from passion to make tourism business sectors to work competitively to gain more tourists by offering effective and fast service with attentive service mind set.

Delle Partner Direct


Blue D Zine have chose Dell as our hardware partners to expand our enterprise solutions portfolio and build our software portfolio in order to offer customers a complete range of products and solutions to help simplify the management of their IT infrastructure.

Be Commerce


Be Commerce solution gives you everything you need in a single integrated business application so you can reach more potential customers, sell more products, efficiently and accurately fulfill orders, and drive customer satisfaction even across your own websites channels.

GotoPhuket is attractions, trip ideas, tours and activities marketplace with more than 100 listing things to do around the Island. We collects and categorises all the Phuket's things to do so you research less and do more.



Educational Partners


Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Prince of Songkla University, Phuket Campus

Kon Khan University

Walailuk Univesity

Vocational College

Certification & Recognition


Helping our clients succeed in this hyper competitive environment while remaining dedicated to improve our working quality & performance is our goal at Blue D Zine.


Learn more about the certificate and honors Blue D Zine has received:


Certificate Name: TQS Level 1

Software Process Improvement

Issue Date: 2008


As software quality increasingly becomes a subject of concern, TQS (Thai Quality Standard) was introduced in Thailand in 2003.


By joining TQS’s standard, Blue D Zine have learned a process-improvement approach that helps organizations improve our performance. The results of this initiative to improve software processes in our company.

Certificate Name: ISO/IEC 29110

Issue Date: 2011


From the effort of Thailand in pushing software industry, Blue D Zine is now Certified Software Engineering. Standard ISO29110 Software Engineering-Lifecycle Profiles for Very Small Enterprises (VSE).


The purpose of the Software Implementation process is the improving the performance of analysis, design, construction, integration and tests activities for new or modified software products according to the specific requirements.


After our developments team have acquainted with the new software processes, they agree that it is the good approach because it helps them to be more productive and can develop better software.

TourSys won awarded from Thailand's National Innovation Agency

Year: 2012


The National Innovation Awards are held to recognize achievements in innovation that benefit the economy and society with the broader aim of strengthening the national innovation culture and awareness at all levels of industry, in the public sector and academia.


Blue D Zine has launched new software package for tour operator services, TourSys to aid agencies and companies to better manage, organize and improve their business performance.

Recognition of exclusive right to our software product: TourSys

Issue Date: 2012


Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) Ministry of Commerce issued software certificate of registration for TourSys software application for tour operation management system.